Step 1: Phones

We recycle all mobile phones. Phones in good condition can be put back to good use in many countries, while others will be recycled with no ill effects on the environment

how it works

Step 2: Prices

Top prices paid…and held for 10 days


Step 3: Payments

We offer payment by cheque or bank transfer. It is our absolute priority to make sure that once we have received and tested your phone, you receive your payment as soon as possible.



Step 4: Process

Simple, straight forward and as easy as a, b, c…
(a) Value your mobile
(b) Sent it to us for FREE
(c) Get PAID

Step 5: Post

We provide FREEPOST…what more can we say!

Step 6: Planet

Unlike many mobile phone recycling companies, we are a genuine recycling organisation.  We are an accredited mobile, electrical and electronic recycling centre and we are serious about the environment with the objective of zero waste going into landfill; that’s why phones are recycled to limit the use of raw materials for the manufacture of new phones.

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