Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  • What happens to my old phone?
    The aim is to put old devices back into good use.  Often these go to developing countries where second hand devices are in demand, giving low cost access to mobile communication.  However, if you’re device can’t be re-used, you can be assured that MCM, as a waste treatment facility, will destroy your device to granulation.  We do this in-house and don’t use a third party recycling plant.

Price Queries

  • When does my quote expire?
    The price on our website is valid for 10 days so don’t delay and send your device as soon as possible.
  • What are the payment options?
    We offer payment by bank transfer or cheque.  If you want your cash fast, we advise that you select a bank transfer payment.  Once you have posted your device, keep an eye on your emails as our daily cut off for payments is 2pm so the quicker you action any emails from us, the quicker we can pay you.
  • Can I change my payment method?
    As long as we haven’t already processed the payment, you certainly can change your payment method.  In this case, we advise that you call us straight away on 0121 325 8504.
  • Will my price change?
    The website price is valid for 10 days but it is important to note that it is an up to price.  The reason why we show an up to price is because there are many variations of condition of phone and it is impossible to list every price for every different type of condition.  Should your phone be fully functional and in great cosmetic shape we will pay you the full website price but you should be mindful that we may send you a final valuation price based on the condition of your phone.  You are under no obligation to accept this price and should you choose to decline we will send your device back to you completely free of charge.  We aim to give the highest price in the recycling market based on the condition of your device so it may help to compare prices in the recycling market before deciding whether to have your device sent back to you.
  • How long before I receive payment?
    Once we receive your device, we will book it onto our system.  At this point we will email you to let you know that it has been received safe and sound.  We will then test and inspect your device.  If we are able to pay the full website price, based on the condition of your phone, we will email you to inform you that payment has been made.  If you have chosen payment by bank transfer and your device was processed before 2pm, the funds will be in your account the same day.  If we email you a final valuation price, based on the condition of your phone, you will have the choice to either accept or reject the price.  The email will give you a choice of links to click to either go ahead at the price offered or to have your device sent back to you completely free of charge.  If you choose to accept the final valuation price before 2pm Monday to Friday and you have chosen bank transfer as your payment method, the funds will be in your account the same day.  Similarly, where orders reach payment stage before 2pm Monday to Friday, cheques will be posted the same day.
  • Replacement cheques
    We can arrange for replacement cheques to be issued but unfortunately a £5 administration charge applies.  Please make sure that if you are moving house that you use the correct address or you keep us posted of your location by emailing us at

Condition Queries

  • My device has a cracked and/or smashed screen
    If your device has a damaged screen but still turns on, please sell your device on our website as ‘working’ and upon receipt we will send you a final valuation price.  You are under no obligation to accept the price we offer and should you decline, we will send your device back to you completely free of charge.
  • My device is faulty and/or damaged, can I still sell it?
    You certainly can.  As long as your device turns on and makes a call, you can sell your phone under the ‘working’ category.  Once we receive your device, we will fully test it and let you know by email any faults/damage and the affect it has on the price we can offer.  If you are not happy with the price offered, you are under no obligation to accept and we are happy to return your device free of charge if you don’t want to go ahead with the sale.  It is worth noting however, that we aim to offer the highest price in the recycling market based on the condition of your device so you may find it useful to compare the price we have given you (based on condition) before deciding to have your phone returned.

Posting Queries

  • How to send your device
    You have a couple of options: Use our free Tracked Returns Service by requesting a freepost pack when placing your order on our website.  You can also email to request a pack if needed. The Tracked Returns Service does not cost you anything.  You can send a maximum of 2 phones with this service and it provides a total insurance value of up to £50.  You should take your package to your nearest post office and obtain a tracking receipt.  Without a tracking receipt, there is no insurance cover so it is important to ask for this if you are not given one automatically by the post office. If you need extra insurance cover, you can use Royal Mail’s Special Delivery Service.  This service is not free and will cost you around £6.95.  This service is a next day service and provides insurance up to £500 should your device get lost or become damaged in the postal system.  Print the address label after you have completed your order, package your device and take it to your local post office to arrange this service. Whichever posting method you choose, you must ensure that when posting your device, the battery is connected to it and that the device is turned off.
  • What should I send with my device?
    We only need the handset and battery but you are welcome to send other accessories, we don’t offer any extra money for them but we will recycle them for you.  It is important to note that if you don’t want to go ahead with the sale of your device and it is returned back to you, we may not send the original accessories. Please DON’T send SIM cards.  We will not accept liability for SIM cards and any charges incurred before or after receipt of your device.  Similarly please also remove your memory card as we will not be responsible for loss of memory card and/or loss of data before or after receipt of your device. SIM and memory cards are destroyed at the point of receipt of device, we can not send them back to you so it is important that you remove them from your device before posting to us.  It is important to note that should we send you a revised valuation and you choose to have your device sent back to you, your SIM and/or memory card will not be returned to you.
  • How do I package my device?
    Royal Mail regulations stipulate that you should post your device in some kind of cardboard packaging.  You can use the original box if you want to but this is not absolutely necessary.  If you request a freepost pack, we will send you a recycling pack which includes a bubble pouch.  Wrap your device in the bubble pouch and pop it into some form of cardboard packaging.  We are not fussy about what that cardboard is but it is important that you are satisfied that the phone is secure and wrapped sufficiently to avoid getting damaged in the post.
  • I haven’t received my FREEPOST PACK
    Returns packs are sent out by fist class post.  If you have placed your order before 3pm Monday to Friday, your pack will go out in the post on the same day.  For orders placed after 3pm on a Friday, packs will be posted on the proceeding Monday.
  • Have you received my device?
    Upon receipt of your device we will book it onto our computer system and at the same time we will email you to let you know that your device has arrived.  If you want to check the status of your delivery before waiting for us to email you, you can use Royal Mail’s tracking website Once on the site, enter your tracking reference number which can be found on the proof of posting receipt that the post office would have given to you at the time of posting.  The reference number is 13 digits long and usually starts with XB and ends GB.  It is important to note that if Royal Mail’s tracking system shows your item as ‘Delivered’, this does not necessarily mean that we have received it.  ‘Delivered’ means that it has been received by our local Royal Mail Depot and your item may take a further 1 to 2 days to get to us.

Information to help you

  • Stolen, lost and network blocked phones
    Your device will be checked against security database CheckMEND.  This tells us if a device has been blocked, whether an insurance claim has been previously made or if the device has been reported as lost or stolen.  You may want to carry out a check yourself prior to sending the device, to do so, visit IMPORTANT: If we find that a device fails the CheckMEND assessment, we will not process payment for it.  In this case, we will email you further information and give you 30 days to get the block removed from the device before your device is disposed of.
  • I’ve sent my SIM and/or Memory card, what now?
    Don’t panic, your data is safe, we will destroy SIM and memory cards at the point of receipt, however, if you decide to have your device returned to you, your SIM or memory card will not be sent back.  Please bear this in mind when sending your device and ensure that you remove SIM and/or memory cards.
  • Is my personal information safe?
    We ask that you remove all personal data from the device before sending it to us.  Don’t worry though, if you forget to do so, MCM are a member of the Data Protection Register and we take your personal information very seriously, we delete all data and reset your device upon receipt.
  • How do I delete the data off my device?
    Email let us know the make and model of your device and we will send you data delete instructions.
  • How do I remove iCloud from my device?

    We are unable to fully test your device if it is locked to your iCloud account.  Please follow these instructions to remove iCloud before sending your device to us.  Unfortunately we will only be able to offer a non working price if the device is locked to an iCloud account.

  • How do I cancel a sale?
    Email or call us on 0121 325 8504 and we will close your order.
  • My device is not listed on the website
    If you can not find your device on our website, please call us on 0121 325 8504 or email us and we will be able to advise you further.
  • Logging into my account
    Should you experience problems logging in to your account, please email us at