Mobile Handset Recycling – Why Choose MCM Phone Recycling?


Mobile phone recycling is now a No.1 priority in the UK. The Environment Agency, The Carbon Trust and Defra (*see links below) are just three key bodies empowered to care for the environment, with emphasis on waste reduction, reuse and recycling.

While these bodies believe in preventing waste, it is a fact of life that we all want the latest new technology - mobile phones are now a part of modern life for the vast majority of us.

We consider mobile phone recycling to be a great way of putting an unwanted phone back to good use and rewarding their owners with cash for mobiles they no longer use.

Estimates tell us that some 90 million old mobiles lie unused and unwanted around our homes. As newer, faster, slicker, application rich models are hitting the high street shops each day that number is growing rapidly.

Phone manufacturers thrive on the consumer's desire for the best but this has meant that many phones only last for 12 months (sometimes less) before becoming yesterday's "must have" device.

It's not a throw away society and old mobiles still have a life.

Mobile handset recycling cuts waste and stops items branded as "hazardous", such as batteries, from being dumped into landfill.

It also enables components to be reused, thus preventing the manufacture of new items that have a negative effect on our planet’s resources and environment.

And finally, it does put working old phones to reuse in many countries worldwide.

Why do you want to recycle old mobiles?

  • Sell your mobile to raise some cash; perhaps for a new phone?
  • Recycle old phones to help the environment, by preventing waste or the manufacture of new phone parts?
  • Because phone recycling can benefit others in developing countries where your old phone can be re-used?

Whatever your reasons for phone recycling, we are here to help.


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