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It's easy to sell your mobile phone for cash, and to make it easier we've listed some of the questions we get asked about mobile phone recycling.

General information

Which phones can I recycle?

We recycle phones from all the major manufactures, you can sell iPhone handsets and nokia phones, you can sell blackberry devices, phones from Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Motorola, if you're not sure, check our brands page.

Who are MobileCashMate?

MCM is division of Greencyc Limited.  Greencyc are approved by the environment agency to recycle not just mobile phones but any form of electronic device / equipment, this includes but is not limited to mobile phones, ipods, ipads, laptops, computer and server equipment.

MCM provide a free web based mobile phone recycling service, giving the general public a great price for their old phones.  Any queries relating to your order should be directed to

Who can use the phone recycling service?

Anyone who owns a mobile phone, is over the age of 18 and living in the UK Mainland or Northern Ireland.  Sorry but we can not process phones from countries outside of mainland UK and Northern Ireland.  Any phones received outside of these areas will be recycled with no payment made.

I'm under the age of 18, can I recycle my phone for cash?

You can still recycle your phone for cash but you must obtain prior permission from your parents / guardians. We will not accept responsibility where you have not received authorisation before selling to us and we are unable to return your phone in this case.

What happens to my old phone?

The aim is to put old phones back into good use. Often these go to developing countries where second hand phones are in demand, giving low cost access to much needed mobile communication.

How long do I have to send my phone to you?

The offer price quoted on our website is valid for 10 days. We will send you a FREE RETURNS pack so don't delay sending your phone. If you don't send your phone within the 10 day period the price will expire and in this case we will re-price the phone upon receipt.  To speed up the process we recommend that you send your phone by Special Delivery.  Please make sure that you quote your Order ID number inside the package or we won't be able to identify that it is your phone.

I haven't received my FREE RETURNS PACK

Your returns postal pack will be sent out by 1st class post within 24 hours of receiving your sale transaction. If you haven't received your pack within 5 working days then please email contactus@mobilecashmate.comPlease consider that if you place your order after 4pm on a Friday night, a freepost pack may not be posted out until the following Monday.


Selling A Phone

How do I sell my phone?

Our website is really easy to use. Simply choose your phone, get a price, enter your details and complete your order.

What happens after I have sold my phone on your website?

MCM will email you an order confirmation and will post out a FREEPOST pack within 24 hours so that you can send your phone to us.

I have more than one phone, what do I do?

Simply add more phones to your order on our website.  You can send up to 2 phones by using the TRACKED RETURNS service which we provide free of charge.  Your pack will explain everything that you need to know.  More than 2 phones must be sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery service which will cost from £6.95 to use, however, this service insures phones to a value of £500 against loss or damage in the postal system.  MCM strongly advise using this service .

My phone only works on network, does this matter?

No it doesn't matter if your phone only works on one network, as long as your phone works on a UK network.

Stolen, lost and network blocked phones

We use a system called CheckMEND to check a phone's history / status. We do this by checking the IMEI number. This tells us if a phone has been blocked with a UK network, whether an insurance claim has been previously made or if the phone has been reported as stolen.

You may want to carry out a check yourself to view your phone's history. To do so, just visit

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If we receive a phone which fails the CheckMEND assessment, we will not process the phone for payment.  We will dispose of the phone with no payment due to you.

Blocking a phone after you have received payment from MCM

Should you receive payment for your phone and subsequently report your phone as lost or stolen or ommit to pay your bill, resulting in the phone being barred and blacklisted on Checkmend, we will report you to the Police immediately and press charges for obtaining money by deceipt.

Are all phones accepted for recycling?

Yes, however, the cash offer we make will depend on the model of phone and whether it works or not. Further information on the condition of phones can be found in our terms and conditions.  We do not accept fake or counterfeit phones.  Phones which have been manufactured to look like the original product is a breach of Copyrght and these will be disposed of with no payment due to you.

My phone isn't listed or you have not offered any cash for my phones?

It is probably that your phone is too old and so unfortunately we cannot offer you any cash but we can still recycle it to ensure that it is given a "green" home. Please still send your phone by posting it to MCM, Unit 8 Long Acre Trading Estate, Aston, Birmingham, B7 5JD. Use a padded envelope, send it for free and we will recycle it on your behalf.

My phone doesn't switch on, can I still sell it?

We do offer cash for non working phones but the price will depend upon the condition and age of the phone. Use the website search to estimate the value of your phone and send it in. If unsure, you can check your phone's condition against our criteria listed in our terms and conditions.  Liquid damaged phones will be reduced in price.

My phone has a smashed screen, can I still sell it?

We do offer cash for non working phones but the price will depend upon the condition and age of the phone. Use the website search to estimate the value of your phone and send it in. If unsure, you can check your phone's condition against our criteria listed in our terms and conditions.

I've sent my phone and now I'm being offered a different price?

Upon receipt of your phone, MCM will carry out an inspection to make sure that it meets the Phone Condition Criteria as listed in our terms and conditions. Please note that the website prices are up to prices.  We will send you a final price once your phone has been received and tested. You have 48 hours to accept or reject the revised offer but if we don't receive any communication from you within this time, your phone will be automatically processed and you will be paid at the revised offer price. If you reject the offer, your phone will be sent back to you.  We send phones back free of charge but we can not accept responsibility for phones lost or damaged whilst in the Royal Mail postal system.

Sending your phone

What should I send?

Please only send your phone and original battery.  Please ensure that the battery is in / connected to the phone and that the phone is switched off. To comply with Royal Mail legislation, please place your phone into a box or cardboard packaging.  Royal Mail class batteries as dangerous goods and stipulate certain criteria for batteries in the post. We can recycle the accessories such as chargers, boxes, etc but unfortunately we don't offer additional money for these.  Please do not send SIM or memory cards, these will be destroyed upon receipt.

I don't want to wait for the TRACKED RETURNS pack, where can I send the phone and what do I need to include in the package?

You don't need to wait for the returns pack to send your phone, in fact to speed up the process we recommend that you don't wait and instead package and post the phone by using Special Delivery.  This service costs around £6.95 but for peace of mind provides insurance against loss or damage in the postal system up to a value of £500.  Post to MCM, Unit 8 Long Acre Trading Estate, Aston, Birmingham, B7 5JD

The TRACKED RETURNS service which we provide free of charge insures your phone up to the value of £50.  You will need to take the package to your nearest post office and obtain a tracking receipt.  Further details on this service are provided within the pack we will send out to you.

Whichever service you choose to use, you must ensure that you follow the instructions below:

Connect the phone to the battery

Make sure the phone is turned off

Package the phone in a box (preferably the original box) or use some cardboard packaging.  Make sure you put a note in the package of your order ID number and name and address

If sending by our free tracked returns service, only send a maximum of 2 phones.  If you choose to pay for additional insurance and post by Special Delivery, you can send an unlimited number of phones

Take to your local post office and obtain a tracking receipt

Please be aware that if Royal Mail find phones in the postal system not complying with the above instructions, they may dispose of your phone.  In this case, we can not be responsible for replacing or paying for your phone.

What if I've sent my SIM card in error?

Unfortunately we are unable to return SIM cards and we cannot accept liability for any calls made before or after you have sent your SIM card.  It is your responsibility to ensure that SIM cards are removed before sending your phone as we will not be held liable for any airtime and call charges.  SIM and data cards are destroyed upon receipt.

I don't have the battery?

You can still sell and send your phone to us but it may affect the offer price. We will notify you of any revised offer price upon receipt of your phone.

What if I change my mind and do not want to sell my phone to you?

If you change your mind before you post your phone to us then the transaction will be cancelled free of charge. In order for us to cancel our offer, we would appreciate email notification that you have decided not to send your phone to us.  Please email

If you change your mind after you have posted the phone to us, we can not guarantee that we will be able to return your phone.  Providing that you ask for your phone back before we have tested and processed it, we will be able to return it to you but unfortunately in this case we have no choice but to apply a returns postal fee.  Please contact us for further information on returns fees.

Details to help you

What about my personal information stored on the phone?

Please remove all personal data from your phone before sending it to us. MCM are not responsible for loss of personal data and other items of a personal nature, such as games, photos or messages. Please see our full terms and conditions.

Can I change my payment method?

As long as you contact us before the payment process has started, yes we can change the payment method.  Please email

It's been 7 days and I haven't received my payment?

In the unlikely event that you have not received your payment, please email quoting your unique reference number.


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