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MCM provide mobile phone recycling and re-use initiatives; offering a fast, efficient and free way to sell mobile phones for cash. Our aims are simple – to give our customers a competitive price for old phones and to not put waste from old phones into the environment.

MCM is accredited to Environmental Management System BSI ISO 14001, as well as holding Waste Management and Waste Transfer licenses. Our investment into recycling machinery and technology as well as our environmental certifications demonstrate a genuine sincerity to protect the environment.

So use our free service and get cash for your old mobiles with MCM.

I was so impressed with the whole process, thank you so much for the prompt payment, I will certainly use your services again.  Elaine – Plymouth

“Wanted – Dead or Alive”

Your phones ‘Wanted – Dead or Alive’! Recycle your mobile phone with mobilecashmate, if they are working or non-working. Check how much your phone is worth, as we beat most recyclers.

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